Educate staff. Control infection. Demonstrate compliance.

Infection Control e-Learning


Infection Control is part of an expanding portfolio of compliance e-Learning modules developed by Premier IT, to enable Trusts to meet the requirements of the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST).

e-Learning is a highly efficient means of:

  • reaching those who need to be informed - i.e. ALL staff
  • ensuring 100% compliance in such high risk environments
  • enabling staff to lead by example
  • helping to minimise risk of infection outbreaks and transmission of germs
  • demonstrating compliance to the CNST and other governing bodies

This module will brief your staff on:

  • mandatory procedures to prevent HAI
  • incident management – what to do in case of infection outbreak or heightened risk
  • basic technical insight into microbiology of infection e.g. MRSA

With historic concerns over infection control in today's national media, e-Learning is the best way to ensure that your Trust does not fall short of fulfilling your statutory and mandatory requirements in managing the risk of HAI.


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